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01. Objective

Roche’s vision is complemented by tools to give a faster and more agile response to its customers, while creating environments where scientific information is shared.


02. Idea

Leeds’ acquisition through their on-line solutions offer, added value to health customers that increase their quality of life through their products. Roche Diagnostics Inform journals, where they collect scientific articles, serve to increase knowledge in the technical areas dedicated to health.


03. Create

The trust of the Roche teams allows us to create tools and environments where we offer our customers facilities to learn and request their solutions through their products.


04. Objetives

Communication across multiple channels has to be seamless for the different types of customers who trust Roche.


05. Project

The launches of the projects are coordinated with the key pieces of Roche to offer the best customer service that takes care of our health.


06. Clients

We continue to work with our client to resolve new challenges, providing ideas, creativity and continued attention to their products and clients.

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