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During the creative process that Addmira develops for its customers, there is an essential standard … pen and paper . Our more than 15 years of experience has taught us that it is the best way to approach Brainstorming that will end up in the customer solution.

All stages of the process are important: a good briefing where general lines and objectives of the project are established, the needed sketches, the first and most elaborate ideas and finally the development of the final art. A final art always subedited to changes form customer feedback.

“Design verb refers to the process of creation and development to produce a new object for communication (object, process, service, knowledge or environment) for human use” 

Our example was part of the Dooclik project. A project that includes corporate image, e-commerce, marketplace, SEM campaigns and management of social media. With this particular development we wanted to update all the web banners for the Christmas campaign.

After several sketches by hand, we realized that we could link them together. Then we develop all needed pieces to have the best Christmas. A clear concept… without a good oven, there is no turkey.

Final Art Solution example in one of the pieces for the campaign.


Put the cursor on the circle with the arrows. While holding click button, drag from left to right as desired.

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