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In Addmira we are experts in recovering and repairing sites with anomalies

Suddenly you open your web page and it does not work. It has stopped working unexpectedly. Google detects your website as fraudulent and something bad has happened that nobody knew how to prevent.

No cause for concern . Maybe we can help you fix it.

In Addmira we are experts in recovery and repair of sites that have anomalies or that have stopped working. We have been able to satisfactorily resolve several cases of WordPress hacking through cleaning, analysis and review of existing installations.

As a last resort we can always reinstall your version to the last copy you have and carry out an update. Afterwards blocking needed operations to avoid, as far as possible, that it happens again.

After a recovery procedure, we inform you on what improvements you can implement to prevent it from happening again and help you to prevent future disasters.

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