The Brand.

“Ditail” is a distributor of materials and seeks the best solution for architectural projects. Its added value is based on the search of the technical solution, logistics, on the existing regulations and providing the greatest creativity in its projects.

The objective of the project has been to change its current business approach from a product-centric to service orientation. Under this premise the communication goes from being based on the product to making visible the solutions that contribute in their different projects.

This new approach leads us to develop new lines of branding that can be seen in each of the elements used. From new uses of logos, through a new typology of images and a new strategy in social media that allows you to expand your way to reach customers.

It is always a pleasure to leave in the hands of Addmira, something as delicate as the presentation of your company.
The concept for the web was very clear, but it had to be shaped.
After several meetings with several proposals, I think that they have finally succeeded in all aspects, specially the ones we had less control.
Undoubtedly a great job with which we hope to work for many years.

Xavier RibasCEO Ditail


Web project.

The most visible element of change can be seen on their website. Searching for a differentiation with the “Web Catalog” that prevail in its sector, we have sought to position the Ditail brand through its important expertise in building materials.

The materials are the channel to give a solution to the problem of their customers. Ditail‘s knowledge of the sector, allows it to make discards by price and regulation to assess the possible options that allow the best technical solution, in time, logistics and creativity to the resolve the problem raised.

In the new Site we move from presenting product to presenting interior and / or exterior solutions for the projects of its clients. All this success stories has led Ditail as a  reference in its sector.