Moosilk is a brand that produces healthy and nutritional products in two ranges of smoothies and three flavors per range. Smartcalories and 100% Whey Protein, are focused mainly on the sports world and some ingredients that are cared for, healthy and of the highest quality. A healthy, nutritious and delicious product that helps improve the health and well-being of your body.

From Addmira we have carried out an intense and complete naming and branding process to achieve, through our creative process, that name and image have the same values ​​and transmit the same experiences and emotions as the brand.


In the process, the representation of the sector in which it competes has been taken into account, and the possibility of generating strategic opportunities that favor the image of Moosilk as a Brand.


Web project.

Moosilk is a new brand, with the aim of presenting itself in the market and creating notoriety. In the agency we decided that the best option was to build the brand’s philosophy through a landing page with specific product information. The challenge was to achieve a structure that would make it easier to understand the product. Thanks to a suitable composition and a dynamic displacement system we believe that we have reached the marked objective.

The design of the page follows the lines of the brand both in its Web version and in the mobile version. To this is added the comfort to access the different sections, making the whole transmit solidity.


Stationery and product image.

Design of bags in which the new product is packaged in which the layout of the information has been the most important part due to its extension and shows in a very small space.

Promotional elements: flyers, posters, roll-ups and trade fairs. From Addmira we have worked graphic expression of each of the elements for growth and notoriety of the brand.

We see beyond

Ask us

01. Dream

From Addmira we attach great importance to advice and the detection of opportunities. In this case, Moosilk provided shake machines with third-party products. Our idea was to go further and manufacture their own product to distribute it with the support of their own machines.

We Conceptualize

02. Idea

With the client convinced, we proceeded to develop the bases of the idea: market study, representative name and conceptualization of graphic styles.

We Design

03. Creation

Started up and in constant communication with Moosilk we have developed the product. We have created graphic elements with a close, friendly and professional style, together with previews of what the final product will be like. Like the product, the design of the machine was altered to update it in the style of the brand.

We Produce

04. Objectives

A process of selective tasting has met the first expectations. The opinion of consumers has been key to corroborate that  image and product are aligned. The evaluations obtained in the tastings have been very positive leading to the installation of new machines with their own product in new gyms in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

We Launch

05. Project

We have managed to unite service and product by launching a new brand to the market without relying on third parties and maintaining total control of production and distribution. At the marketing level, between web, social networks, promotional stationery and participation in sports fairs, we have managed to attract the attention of future consumers.

We take care of you

06. Success

Moosilk is having a considerable and constant growth. The total success of the brand depends on knowing how to manage the demand and evolve through new services in a growing but mature market.


Social Networks.

In Moosilk, interaction and promotion in social networks is crucial and important and requires constant and creative management. The basis of the business is the full satisfaction of the consumer and he is the best partner to publicize the product.