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A thoughtful, careful and elaborate content is fundamental to convey the concept

Usually, we express our ideas and thoughts through words. A group of them create a phrase. If you add a verb, a sentence. And a set of sentences are grouped and create a paragraph, in a loop that only ends after placing a point and end.

Creating content is an idea that you want to share with the world . Your work is the final window, before society, your dreams, your work and your effort.

Therefore thoughtful, careful and elaborate work is. After all, it will be this element – with the help of the design, the platform and many others – that will seduce or not our interlocutor, who after consuming it, will decide whether to assume it as his own or reject it for disagreeing.

A worked content generates value, and if it has quality, it can become a reference and a model to follow for anyone , as in the case of a good slogan (¿Te gusta conducir?), a reeding (Steve Jobs -> TED) or a university study, to name a few examples.

Quality work often has a positive impact on reputation. Good content denotes professionalism, interest and shows that you enjoy doing your tasks. In addition, an ideal job shown in an attractive way is able to retain new customers who recognize, through the quality of the result, the skills in the creative process .

On the other hand, content with no care can have negative connotations for the author. Presenting an inaccurate work, with errors and little work can make you lose credibility. And credibility is the easiest attribute to lose, and paradoxically, the most difficult to recover.

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