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01. Objective

Under the name “World Amateur Film Badalona” Badalona hosted the first festival in 1969. Today and after 48 years ‘FILMETS Badalona Film Festival’ is a reference and meeting point for filmmakers and public.


02. Idea

‘FILMETS Badalona Film Festival’ remains from its origins relationship with major world festivals such as: USC Southern California, the New York Film Institute and the London Film School. But mainly independent producers and distributors of short films.


03. Creation

The confidence of the team organizing FILMETS allows us to create tools and environments to offer facilities to producers and distributors, where they can register and submit their short films via the website.


04. Progress

Since the first version to which we had access, to the current version, communication has changed. FILMETS could establish a more fluid communication with the participants of the festival.


05. Project

The updates on registration, content and releases are coordinated with FILMETS Festival to be invisible to the users and provide the best service.


06. Clients

We continue to work with the Festival to accompany them in their new challenges, contributing ideas, creativity and continuous care in communication, design and implementation of new technologies.

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