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Welcome to Addmira.
A Creative Agency located in the heart of Barcelona. We invite you to take a look and… come and share a coffee.

We are creative, we develop your ideas and we design your campaign.

We are Brand and we make it visible to your market. We open a window for you and your customers.

Technology and design are our passion.

Your campaign is our campaign.

Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent.





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Albert Einstein

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.


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Creating Innovation

We have been helping our customers succeed since 2001.

Consultancy & Branding

We work with you to develop the strategy to correctly position the essence of your Brand. We shape your Identity to enable your business to reach out to your consumers.

Creativity & Design

We evaluate with you all strategies and tactics to accomplish your objectives. We analyse the market and shape your campaign incorporating your values to create presence in your market.

Development & Production

We design, develop and execute your project with you. We stand by your side throughout the lifecycle.

Launch & Follow up

We measure the critical success factors and continuously tune the campaign by sharing consumer feedback to ensure succes.

In an era of transparency, you can have innovation without branding, but you cannot have branding without innovation.


– Martin Sorrell –

More than 60% of websites will stop being safe soon

06/03/2017 in Addmira, Wordpress

Disaster Recovery

In Addmira we are experts in recovering and repairing sites with anomalies Suddenly you open your web page and it does not work. It has stopped working unexpectedly. Google detects... Read More
20/02/2017 in Books, Relats Solidaris

Success of ‘Relats Solidaris’

The sponsored Luis Suárez edition has raised 54,710 euros in favor of Catalan Association of Metabolic Disorders for the study of the PKU On Friday, February 17th, the closure of... Read More
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The importance of content in communication

A thoughtful, careful and elaborate content is fundamental to convey the concept Usually, we express our ideas and thoughts through words. A group of them create a phrase. If you... Read More
25/11/2016 in Addmira, Brands

2016 levels of satisfaction

We have put the soul to maintain the levels of satisfaction in the Agency. Our goal: keep the satisfaction levels from last year and continue delivering solutions with a high... Read More
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